Let’s begin with a story!

There is a reason why some people are called visionary. Bill Gates is undoubtedly one of the finest visionaries of our generation. In 1996, as a part of an essay written by him, he wrote the three magical words which is proving to be true as we are progressing!

No, the three magical words were not ‘I love you’, nor it was ‘Sorry, thank you, please’!!!

Gates said, ‘CONTENT IS KING’ and there is no denial to the fact that how impeccably correct he was!

We are Netizens. We are literally surrounded by content. What you are reading now is content! Your last post on FB, your next tweet on Twitter, the product description on Flipkart- all fall under one category and i.e. CONTENT!


Content Writing in a nutshell is ‘connecting to people in the simplest manner possible’. Content is essentially the magnet that attracts audience to your page. Our attention span is becoming shorter and shorter and here lies the real challenge. The content we are putting out must be able to hook the audience in the first 60 secs. That is why I believe that the future of content writing will belong to people whose content will have-


Try to remember generally what kind of pages you click and check out when you are casually surfing the internet. Now try to recollect what made you stay and read or share that page? Perhaps the suave design, or the crisp writing, or the overall look and feel- Yes, all these are parts of content. Thus, my friend, Content is the King (and queen too, I surely don’t want to offend anyone with my content 😊)

With a boom in the digital marketing industry and our increasing ‘online’ dependence on almost everything, the future belongs to the content developers. Content Writers with the necessary skills are in high demand by every company that wants a digital presence (Read- every business WANTS a solid digital presence)


Most of you smart readers have surely noticed the use of alliteration in the last line. The repeated use of C words. Why did I do that? The answer to this question is directly related to the heading. Content writers have to continuously create catchy content which will hold the attention of the audience/ customers and pull them towards the products or services.
The content must provide the customers with workable solutions, otherwise it is of no use. With every hit of the refresh button, each second new content is taking birth and this makes the competition tough. To stand out as a strong contender in the content writing game one needs to be aware of certain tools. By tools I mean a set of technical know-how to create sharp and relevant content.

Selection of audience.
The length of the content.
The use of keywords.
The application of backlinks.
Search Engine Optimization.


The COVID-19 situation has taught some important lessons. Apart from maintaining hygiene, eating clean, working out, developing immunity on a personal level, it has also taught us that we are heavily dependent, professionally too, on the internet; on the ‘online’ mode of working, shopping, paying bills, consulting doctor, conducting meetings, attending classes and so much more.

The online world is made with CONTENT and so I say that Content is the future. This is one very important reason why content writers must gear up and learn the necessary skills so as to contribute to the industry and make consistent and good money out of it. Just apply the simple demand and supply concept here.

There is a demand for good content which means there has to be a supply of good content writers.

So, what are you waiting for?

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